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At Squeeky Clean Scarborough, we offer a range of cleaning services. From carpets and upholstery, to driveways and decking – we are provide a full range of professional cleaning services to Scarborough and throughout North Yorkshire.

We have a fleet of vehicles including one with an on-board tank and pressure-wash, and another with on-board tank and carpet cleaner, meaning no taps needed!

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Squeeky Clean Scarborough
Squeeky Clean Scarborough is at Scarborough's North Beach.4 minutes ago
That's TV North Yorkshire
Scarborough's North Beach
That's TV channel 7 🀝❀🀝
Squeeky Clean Scarborough
That's TV North Yorkshire
The huge efforts from Squeeky Clean Scarborough to help the community tackle the spread of the Coronavirus
Squeeky Clean Scarborough
Squeeky Clean Scarborough3 hours ago
Hope everyone gets involved and clap for the NHS staff across our borough and county
❀🀝❀ #squeekycleanscarborough
Squeeky Clean Scarborough
Squeeky Clean Scarborough is in Borough of Scarborough.10 hours ago
Covid-19 around Scarborough our borough.

1. petrol stations do there bit! SANITIZERING all high risk areas regularly! There pumps, Cash machines, floors. All the high risk areas around there work place!βœ…

2. Supermarkets! All high risk areas! Trollys, basket, wheels on Trollys! Any high risk areas what people touch in supermarkets needs SANITIZERING regular. βœ…

3. All our local shops around our borough! Should be doing there bit and SANITIZERING all round there high risk areas. βœ…

4. Any bissniesnes what are open doing there bit. All high risk areas SANITIZERING all the high risk areas as much as possible all working together.

In the last few weeks I have been doing this. I have seen a massive difference in our local residents and also supermarkets, shops, petrol stations, all doing our bit. Let's keep on battling on together. Great work what im seeing 🀝❀🀝

If we residents are doing our bit, it's very important for all business to do there bit and protect the public as much as there can.

I believe if we all do our bit we will minimize the risk in Scarborough and our borough. Where all in this together. We will all work together and do our bit. Then save lives together 🀝❀🀝

Stay indoors, stay safe, save lives.❀
Squeeky Clean Scarborough
Squeeky Clean Scarborough was live.12 hours ago
Barrowcliff shops,
Scarborough, North Yorkshire


Step 1. Check all the correct PPE is on correctly and all checked thoroughly.βœ…

Step 2. sanitize all high risk street furniture around scarborough town & seafront. Included all off our borough βœ…

Step 3. BINS. βœ… BENCHES.βœ… HAND RAILS. INFORMATION BOARDS.βœ… ALL HIGH RISK AREAS where people are most high risk of speading the Coronavirus. βœ…

Morning and night. Stanizing & steam cleaning around all the high risk areas. We also want all supermarkets ro get involved cleaning there Trollys, more regularly around Scarborough and borough inculding petrol stations, local shops or any other local businesses to minimize their risk to the public. Stay in doors, stay safe. If we want to save lives and support NHS together, we'll have to all work together. #squeekycleanscarborough
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