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At Squeeky Clean Scarborough, we offer a range of cleaning services. From carpets and upholstery, to driveways and decking – we are provide a full range of professional cleaning services to Scarborough and throughout North Yorkshire.

We have a fleet of vehicles including one with an on-board tank and pressure-wash, and another with on-board tank and carpet cleaner, meaning no taps needed!

High-Pressure Jet Washing

for Residential or Commercial Hard Surfaces

Squeeky Clean Scarborough
Squeeky Clean Scarborough1 year ago
Hi everyone! I have heared today off a customer that some other Tradsman/ company have been saying they are working with squeeky clean Scarborough! ( I don't want to mention no names). Don't ask me why! Believe it or not, but they have had afew jobs from it! I've built my company up over 7 years. Squeeky clean Scarborough prides ourselves on doing every job to the highest of standards. We treat all our customers the same as the next customer. If anyone has been approached by anyone saying they working with squeeky clean Scarborough please contact me and let me know! Thank you & All the best.
Director of squeeky clean Scarborough.
William J Haylett
Squeeky Clean Scarborough
Squeeky Clean Scarborough1 year ago
Revitalising Scarborough town centre streets and seafront 2019, 2020, 2021.

I hope everyone has had a brilliant New Year! I hope you can achieve all your goals this year and catch up on your plans from last Year before the pandemic come and ruined it all. Even though the council got there own jetwash this year. They said there will be working all year round to clean our town and beach. Which I've got off councillors in emails. I've been tracking what they have done with there new jetwash and I've only seen them do afew little areas since there got there jetwash and said there was working all year round. All I'm thinking now they was just telling me what I need to hear.They was going to do everything in their powers to clean the Town and beach up. Only a little area from the beach has been cleaned! More then ever we need a clean town and beach. In my spare time this year I want to be out cleaning Scarborough up with my equipment as I don't think where going to get it clean with SBC. The only problem is I need volunteers and a little funding for my expenses. If anyone is interested in helping us out to get funds and 1 or 2 volunteers we can get a cleaner town. I'll be out every day in my spare time! I've also seen other towns and cities sanitizing around the country. If Scarborough borough council can look into sanitizing Scarboroughs high risk areas I strongly believe you'll be saving lifes. I've also seen with my own eyes some supermarkets not sanitizing trolleys lately! Also shops, petrol stations ect! If you worry about your customers you want to be getting on top of this! Let's hope we can get a safer cleaner town for 2021! What do people think ? I'm I wasting my time and let Scarborough go to ruins??? All I've ever wanted is a cleaner town as its shockingly going downhill. Please let me know what you think if I'm wasting my time? Please let me know cheers #squeekycleanscarborough
Squeeky Clean Scarborough
Squeeky Clean Scarborough1 year ago
Happy new year & Bye Bye 2020! Wishing everyone the best throughout 2021. I hope this new year we get back to some normality in our lives. I will be carrying on with our campaign to get a cleaner town! Thats another story. For now take care and be safe! #squeekycleanscarborough
Squeeky Clean Scarborough
Squeeky Clean Scarborough2 years ago
We have finished for Christmas! Hope you all have a safe and merry Christmas! All the best from everyone at squeeky clean Scarborough.

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