Revitalising Scarborough Town Centre & Seafront

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At Squeeky Clean Scarborough, we offer a range of cleaning services. From carpets and upholstery, to driveways and decking – we are provide a full range of professional cleaning services to Scarborough and throughout North Yorkshire.

We have a fleet of vehicles including one with an on-board tank and pressure-wash, and another with on-board tank and carpet cleaner, meaning no taps needed!

High-Pressure Jet Washing

for Residential or Commercial Hard Surfaces

Squeeky Clean Scarborough
Squeeky Clean Scarborough1 day ago
First day back at work catching up. We would like to apologise to anyone we have let down this past week. Sadly we lost my brother. It's been hard for us all. We will be back out in full force when we get over this sad time. ❤❤❤
Squeeky Clean Scarborough
Squeeky Clean Scarborough2 weeks ago
Scarborough harbour in middle off a raging storm ❤ what a beautiful picture. We will be giving a little donation to the lifeboat RNLI over the winter months for the amazing work they do! Going out in allsorts off weather! risking they lifes to save lifes ! ❤ #scarborough #pride #harbour #heroes #support #storms #donate #everylittlecounts #riskinglifes#savinglifes
Squeeky Clean Scarborough
Squeeky Clean Scarborough2 weeks ago
Revitalising Scarborough town centre streets and seafront

What does everyone think about Scarborough Christmas tree and decorations around the town. My personal opinion from growing up in Scarborough it's gone down hill massively. You knew it was a special time off year not no more! The lights last night was coming on and off flickering. No pride in Scarborough town no more
Squeeky Clean Scarborough
Squeeky Clean Scarborough is at Swc Trade Frames.2 weeks ago
Swc Trade Frames
It's a early start for us today! clearing & cleaning over 280 metres off factory guttering. Our biggest guttering job up to date. For this amazing company ☝️ all risk assessments put in place. All ppe ready. All prepared and ready to go. Have a great day everyone.
#gutters #unblocking #clearing #cleaning #safety #280meters #feelinggood #upforit #letsdoit #squeekycleanscarborough

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