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At Squeeky Clean Scarborough, we offer a range of cleaning services. From carpets and upholstery, to driveways and decking – we are provide a full range of professional cleaning services to Scarborough and throughout North Yorkshire.

We have a fleet of vehicles including one with an on-board tank and pressure-wash, and another with on-board tank and carpet cleaner, meaning no taps needed!

High-Pressure Jet Washing

for Residential or Commercial Hard Surfaces

Squeeky Clean Scarborough
Squeeky Clean Scarborough shared a post.
We are trying out upmost best ❤.
Just been into council office. Explained we want to clean our town up. We spoke to women who deals with environment health! she said it wasn't nothing to do with our council and give me number for nycc witch she said deals with our town pavements, streets, allys ect !! I Spoke to a woman from nycc and basically told us to get In touch with our local MP. If anyone can help be much appreciated cheers
Squeeky Clean Scarborough
Squeeky Clean Scarborough
Afew bits of work from past couple off days. It's hardwork been self employed it's not all doom and gloom & easy work. It can be sometimes stressful! There's alot more to it then just going out to work. It takes over your life, it is your life. If anyone is in same situation knows. 👍👌 just letting you know it's not easy. After 6 & half years we cant stop now. Thanks for all your support over years if it wasn't for yous, we wouldn't be out here working at all ❤
Squeeky Clean Scarborough
Squeeky Clean Scarborough
All 3 Van's out today doing a bit 👌👍
Squeeky Clean Scarborough
Squeeky Clean Scarborough
Walking through town earlier these pictures are just are few off many areas that are absolutely filthy! from sick, food to seagull poo and whatever else lays on our streets ! Something needs to be done ! once our beautiful town is looking more depressing by the day 😡

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