Revitalising Scarborough Town Centre & Seafront

Together, we can help keep Scarborough Squeeky Clean
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At Squeeky Clean Scarborough, we offer a range of cleaning services. From carpets and upholstery, to driveways and decking – we are provide a full range of professional cleaning services to Scarborough and throughout North Yorkshire.

We have a fleet of vehicles including one with an on-board tank and pressure-wash, and another with on-board tank and carpet cleaner, meaning no taps needed!

High-Pressure Jet Washing

for Residential or Commercial Hard Surfaces

Squeeky Clean Scarborough
Squeeky Clean Scarborough1 week ago
Hi everyone. dropped squeeky clean scarborough phone today! we cant see whos calling or turn the phone off. Please can you message this page for any enquires until we solve this problem in the next few day. #squeekycleanscarborough
Squeeky Clean Scarborough
Squeeky Clean Scarborough2 weeks ago
Hi everyone! We are fully booked for the the next couple of weeks. I will get through the messages enquiries as soon as I can. Where not ignoring no one. We Can't book nothing else in at the moment!
❤ squeekycleanscarborough
Squeeky Clean Scarborough
Squeeky Clean Scarborough4 weeks ago
New council jetwashing machine!!! Let's hopefully see Scarborough town centre streets & seafront nice and clean in the next few years. The beautiful sandstone paving will be like new with this machine. Squeeky clean scarborough started campaigning july 2019. From the shocking state scarborough town centre & seafront was getting too. Lets hope this equipment is up for the job.
Take care of yourselfs!
Squeeky Clean Scarborough
Squeeky Clean Scarborough1 month ago
Coming upto a year that squeeky clean scarborough cleaned up side off Vernon road. Side off Poundland. Thought I'd give it a share, Show you how "squeeky clean scarborough" cleans the mess up! Don't get me wrong its hardwork. With the right equipment! No problem.
Keep safe & look after yourselfs!
❤ squeekycleanscarborough.
Squeeky Clean Scarborough
Squeeky Clean Scarborough
Revitalising Scarborough town centre streets & seafront.We are out till it's dark.Vernon Road.

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